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EMCI Certified

Boat maintenance and inspection

Boot-Check is an independent and accredited (approved and licensed) inspection company, for pleasure vessels such as boats, yachts and ships. Boot-Check provides (periodic) general inspections and purchase and sales inspections for your pleasure vessel.

We can assist you in a lot of countries. Eg. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany but also Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

As the owner of a boat, yacht or ship, it is always important to be familiar with the technical situation and safety of your vessel. With a periodic boat inspection, you will be completely certain that you will enter the waters with a safe ship. Moreover, you will also keep your annual maintenance costs at a minimum due to the fact that any potential problems are identified in advance.

Purchase or sales inspection

Are you planning on purchasing or selling a pleasure vessel? If so, it is important to be familiar with the ship's condition in advance. Especially when purchasing a boat, you want to be sure everything is in top condition. Alternatively, if you wish to sell a vessel, our extensive inspection reports offer a perfect sales argument to convince any potential customers. After all, with our reports, he or she will become completely familiar with the ins and outs of the ship. By opting for a purchase or sales inspection, you will know exactly where you stand. And is that not a relief? On the boat inspection page you will find all aspects we will inspect.

Have your boat (periodically) tested

Naturally, you always want to be safe and secure on the water, without any unpleasant surprises. Just like with a car, it is wise to have your ship periodically inspected. In this way, you will always be up-to-date on the condition of your vessel and will not be confronted with any surprises. By (periodically) inspecting your boat, any potential defects will come to light at an early stage. As a result, you will be able to take timely and appropriate action to prevent any worse or unpleasant surprises while sailing on the waters!

You want to be able to enjoy your boat for a long time, do you not? Boot-Check is an EMCI certified company.