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Boot-Check is an independent and accredited (approved and licensed) inspection company, for pleasure vessels such as boats, yachts and ships. Boot-Check provides (periodic) general inspections and purchase and sales inspections for your pleasure vessel.

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Boot-Check is an independent, EMCI recognized and certified company that carries out inspections for pleasure craft such as boats, yachts and ships. Boot-Check provides (periodic) inspections and purchase and sales inspections of pleasure crafts.

We can be of service in various countries. For example the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, but also in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

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Boot-Check provides a variety of services regarding (periodic) inspections, purchase inspections and sales inspections of your pleasure vessel.

Sales inspection

Are you planning to buy or sell a pleasure craft? Is important to know the condition of your purchase. Especially when buying a boat you want to be sure not to buy a pig in a poke.On the other hand - if you want to sell your boat - our extensive inspection reports are perfect to convince the buyer as this way they exactly know what they are going to buy. By opting for a purchase inspection or sales inspection you get the know the condition of the ship. On our page about boat inspections you will find more information about the items on which we inspect the vessel.

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Boat inspection

Of course you always want to be on the water safely and securely. Without any unpleasant surprises. Just like with a car, it is wise to even have your boat inspected (periodically).This way you are always up-to-date regarding the condition of the boat and you will not easily be faced with surprises. By (periodically) inspecting the boat defects can be brought to light at an early stage. This way you can take appropriate action in time to prevent worse.

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A boat inspection

As owner of a boat, yacht or ship, it is always important to know about the (technical) condition and safety of your ship. A boat inspection ensures that you are on the water with a safe ship. Annual maintenance costs can be kept under control because possible problems are able to be identified at an early stage.

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We are happy to help you make the right and safe choices regarding your pleasure craft.

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We work in countries around the Mediterranean such as Spain, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

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