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Purchase or sales inspection of a boat

During a purchase or sales inspection of a boat, the entire vessel is inspected on many essential aspects. Moreover, many insurers demand an independent inspection report before including a vessel in their insurance.

Why a purchase or sales inspection?

With an inspection you will gain an independent and reliable overview of the condition of your vessel. Assessment of the ship, before actual transfer, will prevent legal conflict between buyer and seller. The inspections are carried out according to the standards of the EMCI. All defects will be listed in a one clear and detailed inspection report, providing you with exact details of the condition of the vessel. Subsequently, you may take measures for repair or replacement, before the ship's actual sale. With an inspection report, you can prevent a conflict with regards to the condition of the ship. After all, as a seller you have the duty to report any defects and as a buyer you have a duty to investigate.

What does a boat inspection cover?

A purchase or sales inspection consists of an extensive inspection, during which the vessel is evaluated on its condition, overdue and future maintenance and faults and safety, which will subsequently be incorporated into one clear report. By default, purchase and sales inspections conclude with a trial run. The report will include photographs and any videos recorded during the boroscopic inspection.

With regards to the hull of a steel boat, the inspection will be complemented with a hull thickness-measurement so you will know exactly what the skin thickness of the hull is. In the event of a polyester vessel, the inspection will be complemented with an osmosis inspection, during which the vessel will be visually assessed with special focus on 'suspicious' areas.

Points of inspection

Your boat will be inspected on dozens of essential aspects in accordance with EMCI standards. On the points of inspection page you will find a clear overview of the many aspects we inspect. In other words, you will know exactly what to expect.