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EMCI Certified

Cost of inspecting your boat

During a boat inspection, dozens of essential components of the vessel are inspected. As a boat owner, this gives you a good idea of the state of your ship, boat or yacht. The inspection consists of an extensive checkup, during which the vessel is evaluated on its condition, overdue and future maintenance, potential defects and safety. Our inspections are carried out in accordance with EMCI standards.

Enjoy your boat far into the future! Boot-Check is an EMCI-certified business.

What are the costs of a vessel inspection?

Boat-Check believes you make compromises when it comes to your safety. There are no 'small' or 'major' inspections. An inspection is always 100% complete, your boat is always inspected on dozens of essential components. Our prices are dependent on the length of your vessel. The rates can be found on our rates page.