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Costs of a boat inspection

For the costs of a boat inspection, please visit our rates page. For vessels longer than 14 metres, we will make a personal and non-committal price proposal. For all other length, please visit our rates page. Here you will find a transparent overview of the costs.

Included by default

By default, we inspect your ship on the basis of dozens of essential points of inspection, hull thickness measurements / osmosis inspections and boroscopic research.

Optional inspections

Test run

By default, a test run is included with a purchase or sales inspection.

The test run will focus on the starting behaviour (indicator for compression) and, for example, the quantity and colour of the exhaust fumes. In addition, the engine block and gearbox will be thoroughly inspected again. Leaking of liquids and/or gases are particularly taken into account. Moreover, we will determine whether the engine meets its maximum speed and measure the engine and exhaust temperatures. The correct operation of the engine instruments will also be assessed, as well as any possible distortions. Finally, a sound pressure measurement will also be performed as part of the test run.