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EMCI Certified

Boat purchase inspection / sale inspection

A purchase or sale inspection of your boat by Boot-Check helps identify early (safety) problems and provides you with a thorough report on the condition of the vessel. A periodical inspection is essential to safely traverse the waters at all times. We are an EMCI-certified company. In other words, we are a guaranteed (independent) expert!

Points of inspection

Your boat is inspected in various areas according to EMCI standards. Below is a summary of the many areas covered during inspection. This so you will know exactly what to expect. More information about the rates of an inspection can be found on said page. By default, an osmosis and hull thickness measurement are included in the price for all our purchase and sales inspection (this differs from the standard inspection).

  • Hull below the waterline.
    Keel / hull, rudder / rudder stock, propeller / propeller shaft, osmosis inspection (polyester), moisture measurement (polyester / wood), polyester delamination, steel thickness measurement (hull thickness measurement), conservation system.
  • Hull above the waterline.
    Coating, damages, conservation, deck / hull connection, polyester moisture measurement / wood, polyester delamination.
  • Deck/super structure/tub.
    Coating, damages, conservation, polyester delamination, construction tightness, polyester moisture measurement, wood, distortion, windows / doors / fittings, anchor gear.

  • Rigging.
    Spars / mast-jib-cool, conservation, standing rigging, running rigging, sails / hoods, winches / herd.
  • Hull inside.
    Coating, conservation, constructions, keel-mast-porosity-bulkheads, standpipes valves, hoses / hose clamps, rigging chain plates, deck-hull connections.
  • Interieur.
    Paneling, conservation / paint, moisture measurement / leakage, upholstery, windows / doors.

  • Technical installations
    Drinking water system, hot water system, sewage system / shower, pumps, refrigerator / freezer / cooker, heater, hoses / clamps / pipes, valves.
  • Gas installations.
    Gas storage, gas pipelines, gas hoses / gas pressure regulator, valves, flame protection.
    • This is a visual inspection (excl. certificate). More information about the (optional) complete gas inspection of your vessel including a certificate.
  • Electrical installation.
    Switches, security, wiring, batteries, unit / generator, lighting, interior, navigation lights, shore power equipment, inverter / charger.
  • Equipment.
    Compass, VHF radio, GPS, plotter, log, depth sounder, wind vane, autopilot.
  • Steering gear.
    Rudder stock, movement limiter, mechanical, hydraulic, cable / pipes.
  • Engine / external.
    Test run / functioning, heat measurement, sound measurement, fuel system, cooling system, hoses / oil pipes / water levels, alarms, meters, wiring / electricity / exhaust, vibration dampers, gearbox, thruster, bow thruster, sail drive, cuff, alternator / starter.
  • Safety / lifesaving equipment.
    Fire extinguisher, life raft, life buoy, distress signals, emergency steering, radio.