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Why a boat inspection?

Why should you have your pleasure craft inspected?

Inspecting your boat

As is common knowledge, car vehicles (legally) require a general periodical inspection (MOT test), both for the safety of the driver and passengers. With boats, there is no such regulation. Strange, we think - just like many of our customers. After all, you ship must also be safe for travel and a periodical inspection helps bring early (safety) problems to light.

During a boat's general periodical inspection, dozens of essential components of the vessel are inspected. As a boat owner, this gives you a good idea of the state of your ship, boat or yacht. The inspection consists of an extensive checkup, during which the vessel is evaluated on its condition, overdue or future maintenance, defects and safety.

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What does a general (periodical) boat inspection entail exactly?

A general periodical inspection consists of an extensive checkup, during which the state of the vessel and all defects are recorded in a clear report. If desired, the inspection can be supplemented by additional checkups, including a thickness measurement or moisture inspection..

Valuation method per inspected component

All inspected components of the vessel are assessed on the basis of the five-point scale as drawn up by the EMCI. The scaling is as follows: A: good, B: more than sufficient, C: sufficient, D: mediocre, E: bad. The definition of these assessments is indicated per inspected component in a clear report.

Final assessment immediately after the boat inspection.

Every inspection is concluded with an interview with a clear explanation of the elements assessed. Any defects will be discussed with you and we will directly provide you with independent advice on how to deal with these defects and preventive maintenance.

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